A n observateur/-trice m/f du Sabbat.
B adj [family] qui observe le Sabbat ; Sabbatarian principles principes mpl d'observance du Sabbat.

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  • Sabbatarian — Sab ba*ta ri*an, n. [L. Sabbatarius: cf. F. sabbataire. See {Sabbath}.] 1. One who regards and keeps the seventh day of the week as holy, agreeably to the letter of the fourth commandment in the Decalogue. [1913 Webster] Note: There were… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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  • Sabbatarian — [sab΄ə ter′ē ən] adj. [LL(Ec) sabbatarius] 1. of the Sabbath and its observance 2. of the beliefs and practices of the Sabbatarians n. 1. a person, esp. a Christian, who observes Saturday as the Sabbath 2. a Christian who favors rigid observance… …   English World dictionary

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